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At its simplest, a query can be just a word or a phrase. But with the tips on this page, you can expand the focus of your query to give you more complete results.

The Site Search is not case sensitive.

  • Searching for a phrase.
    Example - type civil process to find all results with the phrase civil process.

  • To search for multiple words.
    Use AND or NEAR when all words must be present.
    Example - type eviction AND landlord or eviction NEAR landlord to find results with the word eviction and the word landlord anywhere.

    Use OR when only one word must be present.
    Example - type vehicle OR car to find results with either the word vehicle or the word car anywhere.

    Use AND NOT to eliminate results.
    Example - type parking AND NOT ticket to find results with the word parking but not the word ticket.

  • To search for words with the same prefix.
    Example - type court* to find court, courts, courthouse, courtroom, and so on.

  • Using AND, OR, NOT or NEAR literally by using quotation marks.
    Example - type "Types and Fees" to find results with the phrase Types and Fees.

    Example - type Types and Fees without quotes will find results with the word Types and the word fees.