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275 Magnolia Ave. Contact Security, LONG BEACH CA 90802
(562) 256-8259
INSPECTION TIMES 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
FREQUENCY Inspections are conducted throughout the day depending on deputy availability.
INSPECTION AREA The vehicle inspection area is the northeast corner of W. 3rd Street and Magnolia Ave. The area is marked VEHICLE INPSECTION PARKING.
FEE $20 for certificate of correction payable by cash or check.
PROCEDURE Park your vehicle in the area marked VEHICLE INPSECTION PARKING (parking fee may be required). Take your ticket to the Sheriff's Security at the court's entrance. Sheriff's personnel will inspect your vehicle and direct you to the Civil Management Bureau office, room 4000, to pay the inspection fee and obtain the Certificate of Correction. You must submit the Certificate of Correction to the court. Additional court fees may be required.

The following restrictions apply:

  • Brake violations require a certificate from an Official Brake Inspection Station.
  • Headlight violations require a certificate from an Official Headlamp Inspection Station.
  • Commercial vehicles such as large trucks must be inspected and certified by the CHP or the agency issuing the citation.
  • A certificate of correction cannot be issued unless all mechanical violations have been corrected.
  • The certificate of correction must be submitted to the traffic clerk at the address on the citation.


Inspection Area/Parking Directions to the Branch

List of Violations