We are aware that CT Corp is moving their office to Glendale on June 7, 2021. All process (RPS & Sheriff serve) to be served at CT Corp shall remain in our CMB Los Angeles Office ONLY. Do not mail or deliver to any other CMB office because you will be directed or your mail will be forwarded to the CMB Los Angeles Office. If your mail is forwarded, keep in mind there will be a delay in service.
For more detail see attached notice. CT Corp move Flyer
We are very interested in hearing from you . All inquiries related to civil matters will be answered. However, due to the high volume, please allow up to seven days for a response. Criminal related inquiries or citations not dealing with vehicle inspections should be made to the Superior Court; a link to their website can be found in the Links section.
If you are inquiring about your case, you must include your case numberin the message.
Please Note: All of our offices are experiencing a high volume of service requests. Please allow 60 days for our offices to process your request
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